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Скачать игра santa is the snovman 3d - вставку для плеера

Use Google Santa Tracker to follow Santa Claus on Google Maps as he makes his journey around the world. Animation · When a lonely snowman wants to be part of the holiday fun, he decides to impersonate Santa! A hilarious clash that ensues where rocket- propelled. Dec 26, 2016 Christmas 3D! -Play as Santa, and run through a road, avoiding obstacles and ice! -Use ARROW KEYS: Left and Right to move, up to jump, and. Santa vs. the Snowman 3D is a half-hour computer-animated short, created by Steve Oedekerk and produced by O Entertainment. Originally

Dec 15, 2011 Kongregate free online game Santa Rockstar 4 - Save christmas with the power of Rock!. Spread awesomeness across the world with a badass.

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